What to expect

Welcome to the ultimate Virgin Islands Camping experience… truly an island adventure to be experienced! Here are some general notes about what to expect when camping at Camp St. John at Neptune’s Lookout.

The property here at Neptune’s Lookout, as well as the surrounding area, is constantly growing and developing. Bare campsite provided. Public restrooms/camp shower.The shower water tanks are not heated, but are warm when the water tanks and hose are in the sun (usually from about noon-4pm). With the area up here under development (Shambles is a new bar across the main road, and the new grocery store opening soon is not far), you will hear some periodic construction and light traffic noise, as is with a lot of the island, but most of the day is peaceful, and nights are quiet.


Getting to camp: Set GPS to Susannaberg Plantation Ruins 

Expect wind! The mountaintop windmill ruins at Susannaberg are here for a reason… the area is usually windy on some level (which also helps keep down bug bite activity), and can be very windy at times. Always be thinking about the wind when unpacking, and make sure you always secure items that can blow away.

Expect rain! This is a tropical climate, and fierce rain can pop up and be gone within a matter of minutes, or stick around for longer. But with it comes many rainbows! We recommend weather apps Weather Underground and Dark Sky for the best chance at accurate weather reporting. If there is a lot of rain, your vehicles will not be allowed up on the camp hill, but parking is available just below.

Expect to meet a lot of our local wildlife! Some of our favorite camp visitors are donkeys, cows, deer, and many species of birds, but we also get periodic visits from wild pigs that are really good at getting into any food left out, and the occasional furry and harmless tarantula. You may also run into fire ant mounds in the field, and around rocks and trees, and we will do our best to flag these locations.